Cosplay Event Marketing

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Local, National & International Strategies

AfterHours EM has put together a national tour campaign consisting of festivals, conventions and parties that are ideal marketing venues for our brand sponsors.  Each event will produce a series of branded promotion videos that will also be featured on the channel delivering an important follow up brand engagement to viewers who may not have attended the events.

We cast the very best in Cosplay talent, which attract audiences at the event for free promotional pix, where they then hand out YOUR BRANDED promotional material. Attendees at these events are also encouraged to follow these Cosplayers on the massive social media platforms, again, allowing us to cross-promote to their online audiences as well!

Check out our Calendar of Events and determine where and when you want to integrate your brand marketing!


Reach Millions of New Viewers on Roku TV & Amazon Fire TV

Entertainment Commercials & Event Series Content

AfterHours HD is the popular streaming TV channel available on Roku Tv and Amazon Fire Tv reaching millions of viewers all over the world with the top 5 countries including; U.S., Canada, U.K., Mexico and Puerto Rico! Part of our marketing package includes integration into the Tv channel with production of original entertainment commercials that may be 'Too Hot For Tv' but are perfect for todays social media generation. At the events, we also produce entertainment episodes that fit perfectly into what audiences are watching including; Cosplay Dolls, Clubapooloza and more! This ensures your branded messaging reaches attendees at events, as well as television and online audiences.

Club Tv is a free channel designed specificly for Club Owners that promotes entertainment content that doesn't require audio to get engagement at your establishment, and our team of producers can brand YOUR OWN dedicated streaming Tv channel if you want exclusive content that appeals to your audience base!